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If you are taking an excellent year from your studies to travel the globe or live abroad for many months, our backpacker’s insurance is the ideal alternative (whether you may indeed be taking a backpack or not).

What Is Gap Year Travel Insurance?

A gap year is often a period of your time when students will take a clear stage between college and university – primarily having a gap before more education. Many uses to travel before settling into their studies and careers, which means that they typically want travel insurance that covers them for a longer amount.

The advantages of taking gap year travel insurance mean you’ll be able to go to a wide range of different countries underneath one single policy. Some will even include cowl for trips home and a whole host of various activities.

Types of Gap Year Travel Insurance Cover

The most standard type of insurance for a spot year is backpacker’s insurance. This will cover an excellent range of activities, medical expenses and a lot of. This is usually used when you aren’t coming up with on returning home terribly often, though which will be added on to your policy for an extra premium.

Alternatively, if you are designing to travel to multiple places but come home once each trip, our multi-trip travel insurance could prevent time any cash. This option even includes free winter sports cowl. For a lot of detail on what you are covered for, see our full policy breakdowns.

However, keep in mind that our annual policies include a maximum length of thirty-one, forty-five or 90 days per trip, depending on that level of canopy you select.

For great gap year travel insurance, get a quote online or get in the bit. We tend tore happy to answer any queries you’ll have, especially if the insurance jargon leaves your head spinning.

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