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Welcome to Alpha Travel Insurance and our specialist client approved travel insurance for college kids and gap year travel insurance.
Whether you are backpacking around Europe, going to work abroad, becoming half of an international charity project, or only moving to broaden your mind, you must ensure that you have got the proper extended stay and backpacker travel insurance to cover you while on your travels.

Who Is Our Gap Year Travel Insurance Suitable For?

At Alpha, we wish everyone to live life to the complete, that’s why we tend to have designed a specialist Longstay travel insurance policy which is good for:

  • Students – taking an excellent year from studying;
  • Charity or volunteer staff;
  • Backpackers;
  • People who want to figure or study abroad;
  • Adrenaline and adventure junkies – Our policies automatically cowl hundreds of activities freed from charge, with the option to extend your cover to incorporate many additional;
  • Anyone aged 55 or below who needs an extended vacation – as a result of we all would like an opportunity sometimes.

How Does Our Gap Year Travel Insurance Work?

Rather than offer a range of policies with completely different levels of cover and premiums, all Alpha Longstay policies are instead priced primarily based on the quantity of excess you would prefer to pay in the event of a claim – a lot of value-effective option for those on a shoestring budget. The Longstay policies have very of benefits together with:

  • Cover for Worldwide and European journeys up to twenty-four months long;
  • The ability to come back home twice for 21 days every time without voiding the policy – in case of home illness, exams or family emergencies;
  • Cover for operating holidays;
  • Automatically includes over one hundred sports and activities free of charge, with the choice to extend your cowl to incorporate hundreds a lot of;
  • Doctor managed medical emergency help helpline 24 hours daily, one year of the year;
    Discounts for couples and families;
  • Cowl for emergency medical expenses as well as repatriation, personal liability, legal expenses and personal accidents;
  • Cowl for gadgets and mobile phones;
  • A 14 day ‘cooling off’ period.
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