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I even have previously written extensively regarding the importance of maintaining uninsured motorist (UM) coverage on your family automobile insurance policy. As a quick review, UM coverage would be offered to compensate you for injuries if the at-fault driver did not maintain sufficient bodily injury liability insurance. But what happens if You are the at-fault driver?

Now I know what some of you are thinking: “But is not Florida a No-Fault state?” Yes, it’s. For additional data about Florida No-Fault law, check out my article from December 2009 at Gulf Coast Family Magazine. In short, determining who is at fault in an accident is still very necessary in determining who can be legally responsible for damages. It is not continuously a reckless driver who winds up causing a crash that ends up in severe personal injury to someone. In truth, most of the time, it is merely a negligent driver. Whether it is paying too little attention to the road and too much attention to the kids, the radio, your telephone or just nothing in the least, a crash seemingly happens thus quickly, and many accidents end in injuries to the occupants of the vehicles involved.

Shopping for Sufficient Bodily Injury Liability Insurance

Thus, how are you going to shield yourself and your family from being financially accountable for the injuries caused to a different? One answer is shopping for adequate bodily injury liability insurance. In short, bodily injury liability insurance will get hold of physical injury damages for which you are liable arising from an accident. Do you know how a lot of BI you’ve got? Several folks don’t. If you bought the minimum coverage to be legally driving in Florida, you probably did not purchase bodily injury liability insurance. I have heard time, and once more somebody tells me they need “full coverage” (that typically refers to coverages that get hold of property injury), however once reviewing his policy, he was disturbed to search out bodily injury liability insurance didn’t protect him.

If you’re still not convinced of the requirement for bodily injury liability insurance, consider this scenario. You’re driving distracted and fail to notice an automotive in your blind spot on the highway. Your amendment lanes into the opposite automobile and cause it to careen into a guardrail. The damage to the other automotive is vital however not as unhealthy as you may have thought. You pull over and run back to check on the other driver. Out steps a man in scrubs complaining of neck and arm pain. You soon find out he is a surgeon who later undergoes surgery to correct the injury to his neck which is causing the arm numbness and suffering in his dominant hand. He misses a year of labor therefore and still suffers from occasional pain. A jury determines that you just were negligent and awarded the surgeon $700,000 for his damages. Any amount a lot of than your bodily injury liability insurance should be paid from your personal assets, and if you do not have sufficient assets to satisfy the decision, an excess judgment might be filed against you which of them, at the very least, will ruin your credit.

The good news is that bodily injury liability insurance becomes incrementally cheaper the more you buy, so doubling or tripling your current coverage most likely isn’t as expensive as you’ll assume. I hope you’ll take an instant to review your policy and be sure that you have sufficient bodily insurance coverage thus that you will be able to guard your family against monetary tragedy.

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