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Allstate California Auto Insurance

Allstate California auto insurance released its annual “America’s Best Drivers” report ranked by the relative likelihood of having an accident compared to the national average. All information is based on that collected by Allstate California auto insurance claims across the country and compared to the first recent Census info of the two hundred largest cities.

The state with the most poorly ranked cities is California. Glendale, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Fullerton, and Torrance are all ranked in the bottom twenty-five of drivers likely to induce during a crash. San Diego gets an honorable mention for having over one million commuters and a comparatively small likelihood, regarding fourteen percent, of hitting for heavily commuted cities. Los Angeles is in the same class for commuter cities, however, ranks far additional poorly with 48. 5 per cent.

Of all the California cities listed by Allstate California auto insurance, Glendale was the worst. It was simply five from the bottom at 77.5 p.c. San Francisco is the other worst of the worst to crack the original ten. The town by the bay has an accident rate that is 54.6 percent worse than the national average. Los Angeles and Fullerton were fourteen and 16 respectively. Torrance only created the worst 25 at variety 22 with a rate of 36.7 p.c.

Absolute worst in the country on the driver’s list was Washington D.C., holding the high spot with an 112.1 p.C bigger frequency of accidents. It is the single city to break the triple digits. Residents of the state’s capital will expect to possess a car crash but every five years. Baltimore, the city with the second worst drivers, is holding out at solely 87.9 %.

The safest town is the primary to occupy the top spot five times within the history of the report, which has solely been revealed eight times. Sioux Falls, South Dakota is the safest huge city with drivers that are 27.6 % less seemingly to be in an accident compared to the national average. That is a relative accident expectancy of once each 13.8 years. Boise, Idaho was second in safety, conjointly maintains the same expectancy rate of 13.8.

Regarding accuracy, Allstate California auto insurance can account for concerning ten p.c of the state’s car insurance policy holders. With that sample size, Allstate will confidently represent the cities mentioned in the report. The company tracked collisions over a two-year amount to create this story. The only state not represented is Massachusetts because of Allstate wasn’t serving that area at the time.

Ultimately, Allstate releases the annual report to lift awareness of safe driving habits. The insurance company recommends city drivers to remain alerted and account for traffic. Rushing can force drivers to make poor choices behind the wheel. For small town drivers, they suggest maintaining the speed limit and trying out for pedestrians to avoid automotive accidents.

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